Online Personal Learning Networks: Global Communities of Practice


The read/write web allows learners and educators to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other throughout the world. This unique environment provides previously unimaginable possibilities to create on-demand, personalized learning networks that can enrich face-to-face exchanges (e.g., departmental, district, conference PDs) and expand opportunities for collaborative professional development in an era of shrinking budgets. In this session we will explore various online personal learning networks and learn how to search for and practice collecting personal learning resources (such as 'ready made' content, best practice examples and how-to resources) to share with colleagues in a group personal learning network we create together.


  1. Describe personal learning networks and how they can support the teaching and learning of world languages
  2. Explore and evaluate examples of Personal Learning Networks: Small and whole group work
  3. Select and create a group Personal Learning Network. Create a PLN and start collecting resources—another mix of whole and small group work
  4. Brainstorm ways we can use our PLNs to support our programs, each other and our students. Create an action plan